In 2017 it was decided to provide additional financial support to families of fire brigade members who died in the line of duty.

The men and women who serve every day as firefighters don’t just make an enormous contribution to the social fabric of our country; they often put their own health last during emergency operations. Thanks to extensive training, constant drills and professional development as well as standardized protective equipment, firefighters are protected as best as they can be and prepared to come home safe from an operation.
However, if the worst case scenario occurs and a firefighter is killed during an operation, the shock is profound, not only for the fire brigade but above all for the surviving family members. Each of the nine state fire brigade associations has a special fund to help out families affected by such tragedies and provide financial relief.

In addition to this support, the Austrian Fire Brigade Association is now setting up a rapid relief fund. Within a few days, an additional sum of EUR 1,000 can now be transferred to the family from the respective state fire brigade association.

“Naturally this is just a drop in the bucket. Money is absolutely beside the point in this incredibly difficult situation. Nevertheless, financial security and quick help make for one less worry,” says President Albert Kern about the new rapid relief fund.

FELIX Austria makes the first donation to the fund

The first donor, ÖBFV cooperation partner FELIX Austria, contributed a total of EUR 7,500 to this cause. Peter Buchauer, managing director of FELIX Austria: “At the end of the year, we decided to forgo giving Christmas presents to our business partners and instead to use this money to the benefit of Austrian firefighters. We are very happy that the ÖBFV took this opportunity to set up this fund and make this money directly available to families that really need it.”

Signing the cooperation Agreement between FELIX AUSTRIA CEO Peter Buchaucher und President Albert Kern

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